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The program fee is $799 per trainee for TRSA members and $1,199 per trainee for non-TRSA member. The program is delivered over the course of three months and is focused on applying learned skills specifically to each supervisors’ unique operation.

The training is delivered mainly through ten, 45- to 60-minute training modules that can be accessed online around the trainees’ schedule, and three virtual training conferences to bring together trainees in each class to synthesize the training content and discuss how to apply it in their specific plant operation. A new module is released each week over three months.

The topics covered in the LevelUp program are all geared specifically to helping new and developing plant supervisors succeed in their role, including: transitioning into their new role, leadership and management skills, developing a good relationship with their team, effective communication, problem-solving, employee engagement and motivation, handling workplace conflicts, and coaching employees. These were all topics that were identified in a 2021 TRSA training needs assessment as being critical to plant operations.  

The training is blended program that mixes on-demand (asynchronous) pre-recorded elearning modules and virtual, instructor-led live sessions (synchronous). The program is designed this way because, when surveyed, TRSA member companies indicted this approach was preferable, and TRSA wants to ensure this program is flexible enough to accommodate the busy schedules of plant supervisors.

The trainees have 90 days to complete the program. However, because there are live sessions included as a part of the program, it is best for trainees to stay on pace with the rest of the class. In some situations, trainees could complete the course at their own pace, but to ensure the content is applied to their own operation it’s best if the trainee stays up-to-date with their course work. A new 45- to 60-minute training module (along with an interactive simulation, game, or micro-training video) is released during each of the 10 weeks of the 12-week program (the remaining two are live sessions). This allows each participant one full-week to access the content and take a quiz to complete the module. If they do not complete the module, they will not be able to start to the next module.

Each week there is an action assignment required to be completed by each trainee. These assignments are linked to the application of learned concepts covered in the training modules and typically take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete. An example might be creating a plant responsibility matrix or completing a problem-solving worksheet.

The final project is designed to solve some operational need, obstacle, or challenge identified by the trainee as a result of proceeding through LevelUp — it’s what we call a “Plant BOOST”. The result could be a modification, change, or tweak proposed by the trainee to how we work and communicate to ensure a safe, productive, and positive work environment. For example, in one operation, a lack of communication was identified as an issue that has led to a breakdown in employee morale and performance. The trainee proposed a pre-shift meeting, outlined a targeted meeting agenda, and drafted a procedure document to support the implementation of the new meeting. The goal is to apply the concepts learned in the program and to have this application make a positive impact on the operation (and where program participation pays for itself). Trainees will have access to a training coach through the social learning area of the training portal to obtain guidance, request support, ask questions, or share advice and feedback with other trainees in their class. If there are multiple attendees from one plant — and it is acceptable to the supervisor/sponsor that they collaborate on the project — then that is okay. However, teams of more than two trainees are strongly discouraged.

Sure! Volu Interactive produced the following videos in conjunction with TRSA: “Virtual 360-degree Plant Tour (Crown Linen)”, “TRSA Video Shorts – Healthcare”, “TRSA Video Shorts – Hospitality”, “TRSA Video Shorts – Industrial”, “Lockout/Tagout – Control of Hazardous Energy”, “Lockout/Tagout – Control of Hazardous Energy (en Espagnol)”; “Managing OSHA Inspections”, “The 6C’s: Handling Soiled Healthcare Linen”, and “Handling Clean Healthcare Textiles”. All of these titles are available to stream or purchase as a DVD in the TRSA training library. If you are interested in any of these titles and can’t find them at trsa.org, please complete the Information Request form and we’ll track it down for you.

True to what is trained in the program, to ensure peak motivation employees must have direction and intensity. We apply that to this training, too. You may see the entire breakdown of the course, including the lessons that are covered, under the ‘Course Info’ drop-down in the menu above. Of course, the exact dates and times will change for each cohort.

If you have any additional questions or would like to speak to a LevelUp representative, please submit an information request or call us at (703) 637-0615 ext. 703.