LevelUp Laundry Supervisory Skills Training Program – Cohort #8 (Starts October 1, 2024)

The LevelUp Plant Supervisory Skills Training program is TRSA’s dedicated course focused on developing individuals who are new to their supervisory role or are seeking to enhance their supervisory skills in a commercial laundry plant operation. The course covers the essential skills needed for successful supervision, including effective communication, problem solving, decision making, team building, and conflict resolution. Participants will learn how to motivate and engage their team, set goals and expectations, and provide constructive feedback. The course will also address the importance of safety, quality, and productivity in a manufacturing environment, and will help familiarize supervisors with each station in the operation. Through ten 45-minute modules (released weekly and available around the trainees’ schedule), and interactive exercises and case studies, LevelUp participants will develop practical strategies and techniques for supervisors to make a positive impact on employees and the plant operation.

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